ReaList API

How valuable is your prototype for your specific audience?

Is it solving a real problem?

It is invaluable because from what we know, this idea doesn’t exist. There are numerous lists that have been published. We don’t know their value, or against what criteria they have been evaluated, and there has been little to no effort to consolidate and centralise this list.

With the rise in connectivity globally, it’s no longer a regional jurisdictional issue, but rather a global phenomenon where international sites become as important to verify to a local audience.

Who is our specific audience: individuals, research entities and organisations wanting to contribute to combatting the scourge of disinformation (fake news)

Yes. It is solving two problems. It is making a central, transparent and interactive list available, clearly indicating the metrics used in determining each element of the list. It is also providing a platform in the form of an easy to use API, so that much of the heavy lifting on the backend is handled for organisations and individuals who want to build tools to fight fake news, don’t need to re-invent the wheel with the listing element.

User Experience

How user-friendly is your interface?

Does it make news more accessible and compeling?

The interface is mostly hidden and developers will have access to clear implementation instructions, with example code references as needed.

How functional is your prototype?

The API is an extension of an existing list system, and so the development required is diminished. Focus can be on quality and scalability.


What is the potential scale of the project?

We see this becoming the de-facto standard of categorisation of news internationally and it has the potential to grow in terms of functionality, offerings and fake news statistics.

How feasible is it?


KnowNews Chrome Plugin

Dynamic fake news detection

Media Monitoring Africa has developed a Chrome Plugin to combat the propagation of dodgy news in the media. Referencing a list of known dodgy news sites, the plugin visually indicates if you are browsing a untrustworthy or credible news site. It also has the ability for users to suggest or submit sites to be categorised, which will be checked against MMA’s credibility indicators and assigned.